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History Button (App)

This is just a shortcut to Chrome History page. 

The only reason to install this is if you want to add “History” shortcut to the Apps tab (or Chrome App Launcher). Click on the icon and you’ll open the History page. That’s literally everything this “app” does…

Note: This is chrome app, not an extension. It will not be added to the toolbar. If you are on Mac, Linux or windows this shortcut will not work. Only works on Chrome OS

Get it on Chrome Web Store »

When you have this installed, “History” icon will be added to your Chrome Apps list (the “New Tab”) and (If you have Chrome App Launcher installed on your computer), the “History” shortcut has been added there too.

Just look for this icon:

Click on it and it will open the “history” page. 

That’s all it does. No options or other functionality. As the name suggests – it’s just a shortcut and nothing more…

History Button

Last Update: October 31, 2017