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Merge Windows 2.0

Merge Windows Extension has been updated

What’s New:

After few years, here comes the new version of this extension. It was working well so far, and there were no real need for updates, until now. But Chrome is constantly evolving and new changes has to be dealt with. There are also new rules in the Chrome Web Store itself (Manifest 3 is now mandatory for all extensions) and it will take me me awhile to convert the extension to be useful under the new requirements…

This version (2.0) is intermediate release — the only two changes are that I rewrote the whole extension to support the new Google Chrome “manifest 3” requirements (so this extension can stay in the Store) and I added default key combination for the merge function (Command+Shift+L for Mac or Ctrl+Shift+L for Windows)

What’s Next:

I am aware of at least one new Chrome feature that requires new update: the new “tab groups” that currently the Merge Windows extension still does not support.

Until the next update and

Best Wishes,


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