SingleClick Cleaner


SingleClick Cleaner has been added to your browser and you can start using it.

In order to avoid unwanted data loss, please, take a minute to configure “SingleClick Cleaner” before you start using it. You can change the app's settings by right-clicking on the app’s icon and selecting “Options”. By default, when you click the button, it will clear cache, history, downloads, cookies and plugin data.

On the Options page you can define what to be cleaned:

  • cache
  • cookies
  • download history
  • file system
  • saved form data
  • app cache
  • browsing history
  • indexed db
  • webSQL databases
  • local storage
  • plugin data
  • saved passwords

You can also choose between clearing the browser’s data from the beginning of time or from a certain period of time:

  • The past hour
  • The past 24 hours
  • The past week
  • The past four weeks
On first start it may take a while until the cleanup process finishes – depending on how big is the browser cache – but if you use the app regularly, it will work faster.

Remember that you can change the way it works at any time from the options page.

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