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Today’s Date App

Simple app that shows you the date and some related info.

“Today’s Date” is a simple chrome app which does exactly what it’s name says – shows you the current date 🙂 In addition it shows the current week, day of the week, the roman year, the day of the year and the days left to new year.

This is chrome app and will only work on Chrome OS (Chromebook) devices

You can get it as chrome extension for the toolbar version

Once installed it will add a shortcut to your apps list and to Chrome App Launcher (if you have it installed on your computer).

Click on the calendar icon and you’ll open the information page. Click on the left and right arrows to move through the calendar month by month. Click on any date and you will see the number of days between the current day and the day you selected.

You can also change the date format to meet your preferences. To do so, right-click on the “Today’s Date” icon and choose “Options”.

Date Format Options

On the settings page, just click the button with your preferred date format:

First is tha main date format, the second one is the date format for the tab title.