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Bookmarks Button (app)

This is just a shortcut to Chrome bookmarks page. 

It’s just an alternative of the “Bookmarks” menu item accessible from the Chrome apps list and the Chrome App Launcher. Click on the “Bookmarks” icon and you’ll open the Bookmarks page of the browser. It does just that and nothing more…

Get it from Chrome Web Store »  

This is Chrome “app” — type of browser add-ons that used to be popular in the good old days but are gradually removed by Google from Chrome and are currently only supported on Chrome OS

If you have installed this app just look for the newly installed icon:
Click on it and it will open the “Bookmarks” page. 

That’s all it does. No options or other functionality. As the name suggests – it’s just a shortcut button and nothing more…

Bookmarks Button

last update: November 1, 2017