Today's Date

Simple app that shows you the date and some related info.


“Today’s Date” is a simple app which does exactly what it's name says – shows you the current date :-) In addition it shows the current week, day of the week, the roman year, the day of the year and the days left to new year.

Today is:


day of the year · days left to New Year

Once installed it will add a shortcut to your apps list and to Chrome App Launcher (if you have it installed on your computer).

Click on the calendar icon and you’ll open the information page. Click on the left and right arrows to move through the calendar month by month. Click on any date and you will see the number of days between the current day and the day you selected.

You can also change the date format to meet your preferences. To do so, right-click on the “Today’s Date” icon and choose "Options".

Get the Chrome App »   or   Chrome Toolbar Extension »

"Today's Date" is also available as Opera extension and web-app (working in most modern browsers), even as an android app.

What is the difference between the chrome app & the extension?

Chrome Apps are very similar to apps that you would download from the app store or Google Play Store, but they're made for the browser. They live in the chrome web store but are different from extensions because they are not installed in the toolbar. Once you download a chrome app, it will be placed among the other icons on the “apps” page. You can access this page by clicking the “Apps” shortcut on the bookmarks bar, or typing “about://apps” in the url bar. Nowadays these are mostly used on Chromebooks but they still work on Mac and PC chrome browsers (and even on Edge, more or less;-).


Extensions are small programs that modify the functionality of the browser. You can think of them as plugins for Chrome. For example, if you want to disable images while browsing the web, you could get something like our images on/off extension. Extensions are pretty powerful because they can do anything from modifying the appearance of pages to adding new features to your browser. In the case of Today’s Date, it will just add an icon to the toolbar and once clicked, will show you the calendar/date information in a nice little window (without quitting the current page)


Today's Date for Android

If you want the same app for your android device, search no more. It's the same thing, but published as play store app from my other site (Melanto):

Just click on the screenshot above and get it on your phone ;-)


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