Settings Button Update


Settings Button has been updated to version 1.3.1

No big changes in this release, we just fixed small bug on the options page, replaced few http links to https and optimised some of the button code.

And while we are on it, did you have the chance to try the new version of the settings button? It is now available as an extension which can be added to the toolbar:


Many of you asked how to add the settings button to the main toolbar. Here is the answer:

Click the button below and install our Settings Button extension:

Add Settings Button to the Toolbar »

If you are curious why we were forced to create a separate extension for the same task (instead of adding toolbar support to the current app), keep reading...

Quicker access to Chrome settings page

The most wanted feature for this app so far was an option to add the settings shortcut to the toolbar (and not only to the apps list). We understand why: it is quicker to access the settings with one single click because it will be always visible right to the address bar.

But Chrome doesn't permit apps (like this one and all these that you see in the Apps page) to add shortcuts to the main toolbar. This option is reserved for extensions. In a similar way, extensions can't add their icon to the apps page.

Still, clicking on the icon that's always on top is much faster than opening the apps page and clicking from there. That's why we wanted to give this option to those of you who need it. So, we made a "clone" of the Settings Button, this time as Chrome Extension. It uses the same icon and does the same, but the shortcut will now be placed on the top bar, among the other extensions.

So, if you want to access the settings from the main toolbar:

Just click below to open the extension page on the Chrome Web Store and then click the big "Add to Chrome" button on the top-right:

Install Settings Button Extension »