Settings Button

This is just a shortcut to Chrome™ Settings page, nothing more. When installed, it will add "Settings" icon to your Apps list (you know, when you click 'Apps" on the New Tab page;)


When you click the "Settings" shortcut, it will open the chrome://settings page. Thats all this "app" does.

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After installing the settings button you will find the shortcut among the other Apps (New Tab | Apps) or inside the Chrome App Launcher (unfortunately Chrome App Launcher is only available on Chrome OS devices). This is the icon:


Install / Uninstall

To add the button -- visit the listing in the web store and click the "install" button.

If you want to remove it in future -- just right-click on the icon and select "Remove from Chrome..." (By the way this is the standard way to uninstall any Chrome app or extension)