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Plugins — Version 7.3

Plugins Extension has been updated

What’s New

Permission Scanner:

We added quick “on hover” descriptions for the permissions listed on the “Permission Scanner” page that will show you brief explanation on what the respective chrome permission does when you hover the mouse on it. That option is available on both “Browse by Plugin” and “Browse by Permission” tabs.

For Real-Time Active Protection

We use a browser plugin called “Guardio” – It will check all installed extensions for malware, adware, and other threats and neutralize them. It will also block all phishing sites in real-time, alert you on malicious extensions before you install them, and on malicious emails and data leaks. Even if you don’t buy their paid plan, you can periodically scan your extensions to find if some bad plugin found its way into your browser.

* This is affiliate link. If you find Guardio useful and become their user, we could get compensated.