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Plugins (Chrome App)

This is our plugins management app for Chromebooks. It will not work on Mac, Windows or Linux. For these operating systems you want the Plugins extension.

This is just a menu with shortcuts to Chrome plugins settings. When installed, it looks like this:

It’s just a quick way to access the “Plugins” pages from one app. It gives you quick access to general Flash settings and some other relevant settings pages that we have to use nowdays instead of the old chrome://plugins page.


Before version 57 of the Chrome™ browser the plugins page was called … Hmm… “Plugins”.

In the newer versions of the browser (57 and up) the “Plugins” page is replaced by “Components” page.

But this new page doesn’t have the good old “Enable/Disable” features and is, for that reason, close to useless.But there is the only plugin left which we may want to controll (enable and disable) — the Adobe Flash plugin. So we changed the button into a menu with quick shortcuts to the new enable/disable page — the general “Flash” settings page (to turn on/off Flash for all sites) and a ilnk to the new “components” page (where you can check component versions). 

Unfortunately, on the new chrome://components page you can’t enable/disble plugins — but still you can do that for the last remaining lugin (Flash) from the respective settings page (the first shortcut in the menu above).

Note also that if you want to control flash plugin on site-by-site basis — you may want to install the Extension version of this app (click the button below).

Get the extension version! It comes with site-level control options and additional options. Free & Available on Chrome Web Store:Add Plugins Button to the Toolbar »


This app is quite simple — it just shows a menu. But there is still one option available, in case you want to change it’s behavior:

  • You can set the buttons to open the target page in new tab or in the current tab

To do this, just click the “settings” button at the top-right corner of the menu and check/uncheck the respective box.