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Shortcuts to Chrome plugins pages


This is just an extension manager with some shortcuts to the browser plugins, components, extensions, apps and themes settings. When installed, it looks like this:


The integarted extensions manager gives you a quick way to manage your extensions, apps and themes.


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The original "Plugins Button" was flash-related. With the time I added more functions but flash was still one of the important parts. At the end of 2020 Adobe killed flash, respectively all major browsers ended the flash plugin support. On all modern versions of Chrome, Edge and Opera, Flash is no more...


If you used the plugins button in the past and things are looking strange, or you just want to know what's new:

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This extension is quite simple -- but there are some options available, in case you want to change it's behavior.

Right-click on the extension's icon and select "Options" to access the settings (or click the small gear icon in the bottom-right corner)

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