Plugins Button Update


The Plugins app has been updated to version 6.0

What's New

Plugins Button now comes with more shortcuts for extensions/apps/plugins control. Fixed the page to look better on large screens and rearranged things in several groups to make things easier: n the top are the shortcuts to the chrome://extensions page, the new link to the keyboard shortcuts page and the chrome://components list..

In I also removed the Flash plugin controls, because, eh, there is no more Flash plugin available...

And there is new version of the "plugins" extension, with even better plugin manager.

That's all for this version.

Plugins Screenshot

The most important menu item is now on top -- the "Extensions" link. It will open the internal chrome extensions manager where you can enable, disable and remove apps and extensions.

Plugins Screenshot

I'm sure you know how to use this, so no need for more explanations...

But while we are here

If you want simpler and more organized extensions manager, feel free to try the extension version of the "Plugins Button".

It comes with much better extensions manager:

Plgins Screenshot


Here is the extension version (as published in the Chrome Web Store):

Plugins Button Extension »



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