Motivational New Tab: Questions & Answers


How to Customize the Menu?

The extension menu is located in the upper-left corner of the window. By default it contains links to your most visited sites, bookmarks, browsing history and installed Chrome apps. You can customize the menu to suit your needs by clicking Options and checking/unchecking the respective menu item.

1) Open new tab and click the "Options" link in the top-left menu:


2) Select the menu items you want to keep and uncheck all the links you don't want to see in the menu


If you don't see the "Options" link in the menu, the options button has been already removed from the menu. In this case you need to open the "Options" page from the Chrome | Extensions.

How to find the Options page?

If you don't know how to access the options page, click the button below:

Options »

How to restore original New Tab page?

To get back default Chrome New Tab page, just uninstall the extension (see below).

How to remove / uninstall this extension?

If you see the extension's icon in the browser's toolbar, then just right-click on the icon and select "Remove from Chrome"

remove extensions

If you don't see this icon among the extensions in the toolbar, go to Chrome | Extensions (open the main menu of the browser and click "Extensions"). Find the "Motivational New Tab" extension and click the Uninstall button (the trash icon at the right):



How to hide the icon from the extensions toolbar?

To hide the extension's icon, just right-click over it and select "Hide in Chrome Menu":

hide in chrome menu