Merge Windows


Merge Windows extension has been updated to version 1.4

This is minor bugfix release. One of the toolbar icons wasn't always working after restarting Chrome. Now that was fixed and all the predefined icons should work.

If you are unsure what we are commenting here -- these are the icon options on the settings page we introduced some time ago. In case you don't know how to access the settings -- below is the screencast:

1) Right-click on the extension's icon and select "Options":

Merge Windows Screenshot

2) Select one of the predefined icons or click "Choose File" button:

Merge Windows Screenshot

Keep in mind that if you load your own image, it should be 19x19 pixels (or only the top-left 19 pixels will be used) and the file should be one of the standard formats (like gif, jpg, png...)

If you select proper image from disk, you should see the toolbar icon changed immediately. If something is wrong: just choose another image or select one of the predefined icons.

While we are on it ...

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