Merge Windows


Merge Windows extension has been updated.

There is only one change in this version: in addition to the predefined icons we added in the last version, you can now set your own image for extension's icon (from local image file). Soon after our last update (when we added the option to select between different colors for the icon), one user wrote us to ask for such a feature (because none of our icons happened to "merge" with his browser). It took us some time, but finally we have it. Just go to the options page and load your own icon.

Note that you must load 19x19 pixels image (bigger pictures will not work -- only the top/left 19 pixels will be used).

Most popular formats (we tested PNG, JPEG and BMP) are supported but feel free to try others (althought PSD will definitely not work;-)

In case you need it, below is a quick

step-by-step guide:

1) Right-click on the extension's icon and select "Options":

Merge Windows Screenshot

2) And click the "Choose File" button:

Merge Windows Screenshot

If you load proper image, you should see the toolbar icon changed immediately. If something is wrong: just choose another image or select one of the predefined icons.