History On/Off


Control your browsing history. Disable and enable history recording when you decide.

This extension let's you disable browsing history and surf without leaving records. With one single click. Naturally, you can enable history again when you need it. With just another single click :)

When installed it will add a simple on/off button to the browser's toolbar.

Click on it to pause history recording. Click again to resume.

When browsing history is disabled, a red "X" will be added to the toolbar button. This way you'll always know if history is currently enabled or disabled.

This extension will only disable history recording, but it doesn't deal with cookies, local storage, browser cache etc. In other words -- all web sites will work as always, except that your visits will not be recorded in the browser's history.

Where to Get It?

History On/Off is available for Google Chrome™, Microsoft Edge and Opera™ browsers.

Get it on Chrome Web Store »    Download for Opera »   Microsoft Edge »

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