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Downloads Button

A shortcut to Chrome™ Downloads page


As stated above, this is just a shortcut to chrome://downloads

If you want an alternative of the "Downloads" menu item, but added as a beautiful icon in he apps list (New Tab | Apps) and the Chrome App Launcher -- click the link below and install it. Click on the "Downloads" icon and you'll be redirected to the Downloads page. It does just that and nothing more...

Get it on Chrome Web Store »  


This will add "Downloads" button too the app list, not to the toolbar. If you want to add the shortcut to the toolbar (right to the URL box) -- you'll need to install the extension (it does the same thing, but with shortcut in the toolbar). The reason for these two versions of the same button is that Chrome doesn't permit an app to have toolbar button while xtension cannot add icons to the apps list.

If, at some point, you want to remove the app -- just right-clickk on the icon and select "Remove from Chrome..."

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