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Disable Cookies Update


Disable Cookies has been updated to version 1.2

What's New

This is bugfix release. The main changes are on the options page -- some obsolete links to respective browser settings pages are now replaced with the new and proper ones.

In the last versions of Chrome the settings pages has been revamped and the Cookies settings are no longer placed where they used to be so we needed to fix the broken buttons.

The old shortcut to the cookies options was:


but in the latest versions of Chrome it's now:


The other small change is that we changed the links to our site (again -- in the options page of the extension) from to (which should be the newer, safer way to access the web)

And that's pretty much everything in this update. All other functionality remains the same.

And while we are on it...

Did you know that we have some other useful extensions? Here are two of my favorites:

History On/Off

Control on your browsing history: disable and enable history recording with single click. That's great addition for your browser if you want to keep (some of) your browsing history for yourself.

Get it on Chrome Web Store »

Single Click Cleaner

Click once and clean the trash: cache, cookies, history, stored data... it's your call. Use the settings page to select what you want to be auto-cleared. Then just click the toolbar icon.

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