Disable Cookies Update


Disable Cookies has been updated to version 1.3

What's New

Some useful options have been added thanks to Markus Birth (who contributed the changes):

  • Wildcard functionality
    Now you can set the extension to disable cookies not only on the current host but for all the subdomains too

  • Disable on both http:// and https:// versions of site
    An option is now added to disable cookies on both http:// and https:// version of the site (so far those were treated as different sites)

  • Disable cookies for all ports instead of current port only
    Again, until now the extension was working on current port only, but now you can set it to cover all ports

All the new options are available on the settings page.

(If you don't remember how to access the settings -- just right-click on the extensions icon and select "Options")

As usual, there are some other small fixes here or there, mainly one potential bug with newest versions of Chrome where cookies was not always cleaned (at least Chrome Canary showed this behavior in my tests, but should be fixed now)

And that's pretty much everything in this update. All other functionality remains the same.


And while we are on it...

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Disable Cookies is open source extension. Get the source here.