Plugins Button

This is just a shortcut to Chrome plugins page.

Install this if you need a quick way to access the "Plugins" page from the Chrome apps list and in the Chrome App Launcher. Click on the "Plugins" icon and you'll open the plugins list. It does just that and nothing more...

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What's New:

Before version 57 of the Chrome™ browser we used to have chrome://plugins page. That's what our button used to open when clicked. In the newer versions of the browser (57 and up) the "Plugins" page is replaced by "Components" page: chrome://components.

Following that change in the browser itself, in older versions of the browser (before Chrome™ 57) our Plugins app opens the chrome://plugins page. From version 57 and above it opens the new chrome://components page.


Unfortunately, this is not the only change introduced with Chrome 57. In the past we were able to disable/enable plugins on the plugins page. In the newer versions of the browser there is no more such option. To disable plugins (most noticeably -- the Flash plugin) you'll now need to go to the Chrome Settings menu. Check the link below if you need more on how to disable Flash or change PDF settings:

Disable Flash and change PDF viewer in Chrome 57 and newer »

If you used the plugins button in the past and cant figure out why things changed suddenly, or you just want to know what's new on the Chrome's plugins support:

More about Chrome™ 57 and the chrome://plugins page »

Install / Uninstall:

The "Plugins Button" is available in Chrome Web Store. Click here to visit the store page and just press the install button.

If you want, at some point, to remove the app from your browser: just right-click on the "Plugins" icon and select "Remove from Chrome...")

See Also:

This shortcut is also available as an "extension" (i.e. icon added to your browser's toolbar) -- visit this link if you prefer to access the "plugins" page from the toolbar.