Simple web app / browser extension that will show you your public IP (as visible from the outside world) and (if possible) your country, city and some related info.

My IP will show you:

  • your public (remote, visible from internet) IP address
  • location info (if found) -- like country, city and region
  • city latitude and longitude
  • the exact location (if available in the IP database) of your device on the map
  • some other tracking info (browser settings) like:
    • User‑Agent (your current browser)
    • Browser Language
    • Cookies -- enabled or disabled
    • JavaScript -- enabled or disabled
    • Flash version (if enabled)
    • Window-Size (the browser window size)
    • Screen size
  • related HTTP headers, like "HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR" and "REMOTE_ADDR"

The tool is available as free app/extension for Chrome and Opera browsers and online (as web-app).

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